About me


My name is Nicholas Moynihan and I have been doing Informational Technology since 2014. I am experienced in computer repair, web/email development, and game development.


I was first introduced with these skill at Westfield Technical Academy (WTA) in the Informational Technology shop, there is three parts of this shop Electronics, Web Development/Programming, and Networking. In 11th grade I decided to go with the path of Web Development & Programming. After highschool I continued my learning of code.


My goal by the end of my programming days is to develop one thing that can make ease to the normal every day life of us humans. My inspiration and work is based off of Elon Musk's mentality and past history and where he has come from to now. I want to become a successful entrepreneur and work for companies and help them grow and be presentable to the world through the world wide web.

Work History

I first started my contracting development jobs at Bright Cloud Studio where I did basic web/email development. Than from there I started a company called Skygen Studios with a couple of people from my class that failed, but I decided to keep the clients and work on it personally. Since than I have still been working on starting up another business for myself.

Where I am now

Current Projects

I am currently working on getting more clients to than move into a more marketing business. I will still be doing websites and video games, but I would love to help promote a small business and see them grow.

On my mind

Currently I am trying to help more people out with creating websites or marketing emails for them.