Welcome to Omega Lion Insurance Co.™

A subsidiary company of Omega Lion Ind.®

Without Plan:

  • Normal Repairs: $600
  • Dist. per/mile: $100
  • Gas Refils: $460
  • Car Wash: $100

Basic: ($5000 P/V $970)

  • Normal Repairs: $100-co
  • Dist. per/mile: $100
  • Gas Refils: $69-co
  • Car Wash: $60-co

Intuitive: ($6000 P/V $1129)

  • Normal Repairs: $50-co
  • Dist. per/mile: $20-co
  • Gas Refils: $58-co
  • Car Wash: $40

Premium: ($7000 P/V $1500)

  • Normal Repairs: $0
  • Dist. per/mile: $0
  • Gas Refils: $0
  • Car Wash: $0
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Rates are start at, based on insurance history rates may lower or raise. Based on accepting average cost of flat-rate mechanics. Without Plan is based the average cost of mechanic prices together. Not actual rates.
P/V stands for Per an additional vehicle. The additional vehicles are added to the invoices.
co Stands for co-pay you must pay this when a mechanic does his job.

How does it all work?

So it's exactly how an insurance company is in other states. Insurance is a contract that transfers the risk of financial loss from an individual or business to an insurance company. The company collects small amounts of money from its clients and pools that money together to pay for losses.

What if you drive a work truck?

Do not worry we will make our costs half off!

How we know who is who?

Well we have insurance ID's we will asign to you when you apply and get accepted. If you ever get help tell the mechanic your name and last four ID numbers, the mechanic may need more information to verify who you are.

Need to talk to us?

We have plenty of opportunities for you to talk to us! (Discord [voice], O.L. Office [in-game], email [through contact page])

What to do if you need a mechanic?

Yes, you can still go to other mechanics that are not part of the O.L. Insurance, but you can NOT use your insurance with them. We our working our best to make O.L. Insurance widely available to all mechanics!

Current list of mechanic companies that are accepting O.L. Insurance:

IMPORTANT MECHANICS READ THIS, please if your interested even a little, go to the contact page so we can talk more!

How to apply

It's easy and simple to apply go to the contact page and fill out the info. Make sure you select Insurance Application not Mechanic.